Знаете, ли вы, что…

Dracula is the president of Transylvania.
This important political figure has long been the subject of misunderstanding and prejudice. Though often labelled a «vampire,» he prefers the term «biologically challenged» or «haemoglobin impaired.»

Nigeria is a country in Africa.
All Nigerians are either deposed princes, deposed politicians, or wealthy businessmen.

Avalon is a continent.
Avalon is a magical land which is home to such mythical heroes as King Arthur, Robin Hood, and Winston Churchill.
Avalon is the world’s largest source of cosmetics. An elite troupe of cheerful pixies, known as the Avalon Ladies, travels around the world selling cosmetics door-to-door.

Russia is a country that forms a bridge between the continents of Europa and Asia.
Every Russian is named Boris, Natasha, or Ivan. However, some Russians are named after its greatest leader, Lenin no Pasaran.
The chief exports of Russia are spam, spam, spam, spam, vodka, beets, beet vodka, wheat vodka, spam vodka, vodka vodka, and spam.

Fcuk is France‘s exclave in the United Kingdom. It is where Frenchmen connect when in the United Kingdom.
Americans often frequent Fcuk’s tourist gift shops. Having merchandize from Fcuk is seen as a status symbol in America.
Fcuk’s main suburb is Cnut, named after the medieval English king. The suburb’s slogan is, «Fcuk you, Cnut!»

…и много других полезных сведений об устройстве мира.